You now have your own car, so now what? 


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in owning a car it is this: treat it like a horse.

Yes, treat it like a living thing. (Optional to give it a name, I do believe giving an inanimate object a name makes the bond stronger.)

You need to give it some TLC so it’ll take care of you whenever you need it and wherever you go with it.

“But, Karen, I have it washed and waxed, like, more often than I visit my dermatologist!”

Good for you! But really that ain’t enough.

Like a living thing, you need to attend to its needs every day (or every time you will use it).

So what exactly do you need to do to give your car some TLC?

ALWAYS check your engine’s water 💧💧💧

Check the Engine oil 🛢️

Check if you still have enough water in the washer fluid reservoir 🌧️

Check your tires. You don’t wanna run into this problem while traversing the nasty streets of Manila during Monsoon Season. 🌧️

 Never just start your car and leave without even warming up the engine (especially if you’re driving a diesel or Manual transmission vehicle). Wait for a couple of minutes till the temp is at the C level on the gauge. It’s like playing basketball without the proper stretching and warm up. You can but it’ll go back and haunt you. 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

Religiously have it maintained. Car parts have different lifespans. You need to either have some parts refilled or changed completely.

Oh, and before I forget.

Always leave a budget for a comprehensive car insurance.

“But, Karen, that’s too mahal for my budget already. I already have a dashcam noh!” (“But Karen, that’s too expensive for my budget. I already have a dashcam!”)

True, it’s an added expense BUT it will save you lots of time and energy when something happens on the road.

A dashcam is there to document what happened at a certain moment BUT that will not help you fund for any damages you get IF any accident happens.

Also, as a responsible owner, you need to make provisions for this kind of insurance. Having your car insured makes it easier for you, financially, to take care of dents, damages, and the like without having to touch your saved money.

“But I have that insurance na from when you get your car registration and stuff from LTO”.  (“But I have that insurance already from when I got my car registration and stuff from the Land Transportation Office”)


Good, but that’s only a Third Party Liability Insurance. TPL covers any damages or death incurred by a third party.

That means you, as the insured, are not covered by this insurance in the event that you get any bodily injuries or death. TPL does not cover the damages on the vehicle or any property involved in the accident.

👉👉👉This is why you get a Comprehensive Car Insurance. It is to cover the vehicle insured, the driver and passenger, and any property damaged during an accident.

My parents were not big believers in continuing to buy insurance for our vehicles after reaching a certain length of time with us.

I was compelled to get our car insured since I spend a lot of time in my car when I go to client calls and client meetings.

I am aware of how the streets are riddled with drivers who do not care about the other person on the streets with them or who just don’t care enough to drive properly.

If you care for your vehicle’s “well being” as well as your time and energy, have your car properly insured.

I can share resources on how to do this too if you want 😉😉