KarKaren_ProPic_small.jpgen is a bibliophile.  An only child who loves playing team sports and would rather be involved backstage rather than be the star.

Perhaps she is better known for sourcing, organizing, and managing teams as early as High School.

A Communication Arts graduate some years ago, she then went on to become a multimedia creator. She has written, took photos and videos, and even tried dancing to tell a story.  She inadvertently discovered and started loving the world of social media management and marketing when her supposed business cofounder suddenly went AWOL.

Currently, she works as a freelance Social Media Specialist, interns at Prime Press, and contributes to Prime Influencers while trying to learn how to draw, among other things.

She is helping her family with their startup Farm in Pangasinan. Her spare time is filled with real and imaginary adventures with her husband and Chewbacca – their shit zhu.

Described by peers and colleagues one character comes to mind, Jessica Pearson.

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